Macros Plus offers multiple useful features beyond the ones included in the free version of the Macros app.

Advantages of Macros Plus include:

  • No More Advertisements
    The Plus version is ad-free, so you will no longer see banner ads within the app.
  • Higher control over your diet consumption
    View details about your daily consumption of all nutrients, set goals for all micronutrients and macronutrients and view which items of your diet are contributing the most to each nutrient.
  • Higher control over your diet goals
    Set your macronutrients goals directly in grams for higher control, set goals for all nutrients available in the app including goals for sugar and fiber consumption, set the percentage of macronutrients that you want to consume on each of your meals
  • Notes Section
    Use the notes section to write down your daily feelings.
  • Extensive Analytics
    Evaluate your consumption of calories, macronutrients, water, fiber and sugar over the last previous months.
  • Export function
    Export your historical nutritional data as a CSV file to view and use it in Excel or other programs. Export your meals of the day to PDF so you can print out and pass the data on to your coach.
  • Set different goals for each day of the week
    Do you want to have a higher calorie consumption on your training days and lower on your rest days? Or maybe a low consumption of carbs only 6 days per week. With the Plus version, you can set goals individually to each day and the app will automatically apply them every day.
  • Support further development
    Behind Macros, there is a really small team working every day to make the best tool for your nutritional needs. Support us by upgrading to Plus and gain access to all the extra great features!
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